09 July 2008

Sea Blogs: Preface and Number One

This is the beginning of a series of themed blogs I was going to do. I guess kinda like how this blog began, but this particular one I was a stowaway/fisherman character from an indeterminate time period. This was probably when i was watching the movie Cabin Boy every Friday and hanging out at this horrible oyster bar every Saturday. :\

Preface (The Adventuring Begins!)
Current mood: I am going to begin again a FISHERMAN!

It was the 16th of December when I took my leave from the cold, clammy fishing village I had called home for all those years. Feet stumbling along the knotted, wooden dock as I harried myself toward the hull of a pockmarked shrimping boat. The cold ocean wind on my face peeling membrane and muscle tissue from my visage, until I made that last leap, eyes closed, and tugged my face free from the splinters of the hull.

Huzzah! For had I not but found myself a few inches short I would be soaked to the bone and once again the laughing stock of the old men on the harbour, huddled around the vodka bottle for warmth. I climbed up the side of my new home, faded paint flaking under my fingernails.

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